Sunday, 20 November 2022

Project Hyosung : Part 2

 Okay, so the new loom worked great [see the previous post] and is now all wrapped and refitted, I have removed the ignition and replaced it with a simple on/off switch

And as you can  see fitted some clip-ons, just a cheap set from AliExpress 

You can see the item here [possibly]. 51MM is the required size, and they fit really nicely.

The only issue I have is the master cylinder in relation to the clip-on mount is forcing there to be only one angle for the lever which is not going to be ideal.  So I have ordered a new master cylinder with a remote reservoir. 

They clear the tank fine but the lock does seem a bit extreme so I think I will fit some lock stops to reduce that a little.  

But all that's for another day.

I also got a really cheap tail can this week. $120! From Custom Chambers in East Tamaki

Yeah, this will be a Chinese knock of SC, not the real thing and I am sure I could have got it from AliExpress for less .. and may yet order something else in the future, I know any standard 51 mm tail can, will fit okay.

All I did was cut off the end with the factory flange, see the stock muffler as shown below 

I still have to make up a bracket to hold it and weld on the little hooks for the springs So will no doubt do another little post about this when I get to finish that off.

It is also a bit too loud without the DB killer in it... I also doubt very much it will do anything for the performance. I imagine you need to look at the headers for any real gains, not that i am loking for Horespower gains really.

But it is much smaller and lighter and will not need such an epic bracket to hold it.

Next Job - Sort out the rear set unit and simplify the mounting 

Friday, 18 November 2022

Project Hyosung : So It Begins

A friend of mine had a Hyosung 250 that had failed its WOF, Failed on having non-standard brakes and brake lines. 

So the only way to get a WOF is to put the brakes back to stock which is not really financially viable so I have managed to acquire it for a box of beer.

and why would I want that? well, I reckon it will make a fun track-day bike... so this series of posts will be about this journey.

Step One - Take it apart 

Well as a road bike it has a lot of stuff we just don't need for the track...  This stuff 

So now it looks like this...

And I might have pulled the wiring loom apart ... 

And I might have removed some wires...  

hopefully it will still go ...  time will tell I suppose... see the next post