Friday, 18 November 2022

Project Hyosung : So It Begins

A friend of mine had a Hyosung 250 that had failed its WOF, Failed on having non-standard brakes and brake lines. 

So the only way to get a WOF is to put the brakes back to stock which is not really financially viable so I have managed to acquire it for a box of beer.

and why would I want that? well, I reckon it will make a fun track-day bike... so this series of posts will be about this journey.

Step One - Take it apart 

Well as a road bike it has a lot of stuff we just don't need for the track...  This stuff 

So now it looks like this...

And I might have pulled the wiring loom apart ... 

And I might have removed some wires...  

hopefully it will still go ...  time will tell I suppose... see the next post 



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