Saturday, 11 February 2023

Project Hyosung : Part 3

 Bit of gap between parts 2 and three but have been messing about and not posting anything,

I did some more work on the seat, 

I have done a rattle can paint job on it .. the paintwork is not very good but for now, that will do

I pulled out the rear suspension and cleaned and greased all the bearings and linkages. 

Luke and I bought a bike off Trade Me with a blown engine between us and that got me some parts, like the reset bracket to move the footrests back 

This is a standard part of the sporty model, so, of course, dropped right in.
I also got the top part of the fairing 

The frame of course had no mounts for this, in the above pic it's just sitting on in this pic, it is becoming he bike of many colours though.  

Anyway made a bracket 

Yeah okay i am also a shit welder .. and a shit painter I have welded this to the frame

As you can see I have the forks and headstock out as I am rebuilding the forks, new seals and oil, 
And last, of all, I got a new fuel tank cap from Aliexpress

So now the bike has no keys required for anything.

Next will be putting the front end back together and in and bleeding up all the brakes