wibble : [UK, perh. originally from the first "Roger Irrelevant" strip in "VIZ" comics]
  1. n.,v. Commonly used to describe chatter, content-free remarks or other essentially meaningless contributions to threads in newsgroups. "Oh, rspence is wibbling again".

  2. [UK IRC] An explicit on-line no-op equivalent to humma.

  3. One of the preferred metasyntactic variables in the UK, forming a series with `wobble', `wubble', and `flob' (attributed to the hilarious historical comedy "Blackadder").

  4. A pronounciation of the letters "www", as seen in URLs; i.e., www.foo.com may be pronounced "wibble dot foo dot com" (compare dub dub dub).

  5. The ancestral sense of this word is reported to have been "My brain is packing it in now. I give up. _Tilt! Tilt! Tilt!_"


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